Master Your Website’s Technical SEO Health

Master Your Website's Technical SEO Health

Discover how to optimise your site’s performance with these Technical SEO Health key strategies:

But fear not, brave webmaster! Fixing 404s is your key to unlocking SEO treasures. Here’s your weapon-wielding guide:

Tackle Redirects and Errors: Smooth out any internal redirects (301s, 302s, 308s) and fix server errors (4xx, 5xx) to enhance the user experience.

Legacy URL Management: Hunt down 4xx errors in old URLs, especially those with external links. Redirect them smartly if they’re bringing in valuable traffic.

Protocol Consistency: Ensure uniformity in your site’s URLs – choose between WWW and non-WWW, and decide on using trailing or non-trailing slashes.

Enforce Uniform Protocols: Streamline your URLs by redirecting non-HTTP links to HTTPS/WWW versions.

Optimize Canonical Tags: Review and adjust canonical tags, particularly for child pages, to improve SEO efficiency.

Test Self-Referencing Canonicals: Experiment with adding parameters to see how they affect page ranking.

Pagination Strategy: Avoid canonicalising pagination series. Instead, use ‘noindex, follow’ to guide search engines.

Boost Internal Linking: Aim for at least 5 internal links per URL to avoid orphan pages and improve site navigation.

Anchor Text Consistency: Regularly review and manage the consistency of your anchor texts for better SEO results.

Unique Content Focus: Identify and separate content that’s too similar, eliminating any topic overlap to prevent cannibalisation.

Strategic Content Planning: Develop a content strategy that clearly differentiates topics to avoid cannibalization.

Crawl Management: Control your site’s crawl behaviour – block dynamic routes where necessary and prioritize static routes.

HREFLANG Configuration: Pay attention to HREFLANG tags, especially in different English-speaking regions, to avoid content overlap and ensure proper setup.

Google Search Console (GSC) Checks: Utilise GSC’s Live URL Test and HTML inspections to understand how Google views your page. Keep an eye out for blocked resources..

Transform your website into an SEO powerhouse with these strategies!