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Welcome to the portal of digital refinement, where the potential of your website is ready to fly online. A website technical SEO audit is your ticket to online success. This rigorous evaluation delves deeply into your website’s technological foundations, ensuring that it not only meets industry criteria but outperforms the competition. From page load times to mobile usability, meta tags to site style, our audit leaves no stone unturned.

Follow us on a journey to improve the health, user experience, and search engine visibility of your website. Discover how a Technical SEO Audit is the key to a healthy online presence, a path to digital dominance, and the key to unlocking the full potential of your website.

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What is a Website Technical SEO Audit?

A Website Technical SEO Audit is a thorough examination and analysis of a website’s technical aspects to ensure that it meets search engine requirements and operates well. It delves thoroughly into the infrastructure of the website, assessing critical components that influence search engine visibility and the user experience. Website performance, indexability, crawlability, mobile friendliness, URL structure, meta tags, schema markup, and other factors are examples of these properties.

The primary goal of a Technical SEO Audit is to identify and repair any technical challenges or roadblocks that may prevent search engine crawlers from indexing and ranking the site’s content properly. Businesses may improve their website’s performance in search engine results pages (SERPs), improve the user experience, and eventually attract more organic traffic from across the world by addressing these concerns.

A Technical SEO Audit, in essence, is a key tool for ensuring that a website is not only user-friendly but also search engine-friendly, allowing it to rank higher and compete more effectively in today’s competitive digital market.

Work Process

Our Technical SEO Audit Services Include

A Website Technical SEO Audit is a comprehensive analysis of a website’s technical elements with the goal of improving search engine visibility and overall performance. It includes a variety of services and analysis, such as:

Indexability Assessment

The Indexability Assessment is critical in Technical SEO Audit Services. This thorough examination ensures that every critical web page is effectively indexed by search engines. Businesses improve their internet presence by recognising and correcting any indexation errors. This rigorous analysis ensures that vital information is not overlooked, allowing for enhanced search engine rankings and user access, both of which contribute considerably to a website’s overall health and success in the digital sphere.

The Indexability Assessment in Technical SEO Audit Services assists specialists such as NAOA agency by identifying potential indexation issues and advising them in efficiently optimising web pages for increased exposure and search rankings.

Crawlability Analysis

Crawlability Analysis is critical in Technical SEO Audit Services. This rigorous study guarantees that search engine bots can explore a page efficiently, detecting and correcting errors such as broken links or redirection. This method is essential for a UK SEO professional. They improve a website’s accessibility by optimising crawlability, which contributes to higher search ranks and overall performance. It is a strategic step towards offering a smooth user experience and remaining competitive in the online world.

In Crawlability Analysis of Technical SEO Audit, a Technical SEO expert benefits by identifying and resolving issues like broken links, ensuring search engines navigate a website efficiently for optimal performance.

Page Speed Evaluation

For search engines, page loading speed is a significant ranking requirement for a website. Page Speed Evaluation is critical in Technical SEO Audit Services. As an expert, the NAOA agency investigates a website’s loading times, detecting bottlenecks and offering optimisations. A SEO specialist must ensure that pages load quickly in order to improve user experience and search engine rankings. This strategic assessment guarantees that the website functions at optimal efficiency, lowering bounce rates and considerably contributing to enhanced online exposure and overall performance in the digital world.

An SEO professional benefits from Page Speed Evaluation of Technical SEO Audit by detecting performance bottlenecks and offering optimisations to ensure quick loading, improving user experience, and search rankings.

Broken Link Identification

Broken Link Identification is critical for a UK SEO specialist in Technical SEO Audit Services. This thorough examination discovers and corrects broken links, delivering a smooth user experience and efficient search engine crawling. By fixing these difficulties, the expert improves the accessibility of a website, which improves search rankings and user pleasure. It’s a strategic move towards keeping a strong online presence and staying ahead of the competition in the digital arena.

In the Broken Link Identification of Technical SEO Audit, the NAOA agency benefits as a Tecnical SEO specialist by finding and fixing broken links, providing a seamless user experience, and preserving ideal search engine performance.

Checking Mobile-Friendliness

Checking Mobile-Friendliness is critical for an SEO expert within Technical SEO Audit Services. This rigorous examination ensures that a website is responsive and user-friendly on a variety of devices. Given the ubiquity of mobile users, it is critical to prioritise mobile optimisation. The expert optimises search rankings and user experience by confirming and improving mobile-friendliness, strategically positioning the website for success in the ever-changing digital ecosystem.

Schema Markup Implementation

For an SEO professional, Technical SEO Audit Services prioritise Schema Markup Implementation. This intentional application improves search engines’ understanding of the content of a website, resulting in rich snippets in search results. Schema Markup enhances click-through rates by providing additional context to consumers, hence increasing SEO exposure. It’s an important stage in optimising a website for search engines, ensuring it stands out in search results and efficiently grabs visitor attention.

Backlink Profile Analysis

To rank a website in search engines, an SEO specialist such as NAOA agency in Technical SEO Audit Services must do a backlink profile analysis. This detailed examination examines inbound links to identify low-quality or dangerous backlinks. By recommending disavowal or removal of these connections, the expert ensures a healthy backlink profile. This in-depth research not only safeguards SEO health but also improves search rankings, ensuring a website’s authority and relevancy in the competitive online landscape.

More Services Are

These services ensure that a website is optimized for search engines, provides a great user experience, and follows the most recent SEO best practices. A Website Technical SEO Audit gives a road map for correcting issues and improving the website’s performance in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Meta Tags and On-Page Elements Optimization

Google Indexability Status

Site Architecture Analysis

HTTPS and Security Checks

Server and Hosting Analysis

Content Quality Assessment

URL Structure Review

XML Sitemap and Robots.txt Review

Event Management

Duplicate Content Identification


Structured Data Markup

Rich Snippets Implementation

Competitor Analysis

Check Responsive

Link Analysis

Why Choose Us

Why is it important?

Technical SEO audit services are essential for each and every website since they ensure that it is search engine optimized and provides an outstanding user experience. Here’s why it’s important:

Improved Search Engine Visibility

For an SEO specialist like the NAOA agency, Website Technical SEO Audit Service is critical. Technical optimisation guarantees that a website is easily discoverable by search engines, resulting in increased search engine visibility. In a competitive digital landscape, this strategic addition enhances ranks, producing more organic visitors and promoting online success.

Enhanced User Experience

Website Technical SEO Audit Service is critical for providing a superior user experience in the digital age. It promotes a smooth and delightful customer journey by optimising site performance, mobile responsiveness, and general functioning. This upgrade not only reduces bounce rates but also helps to boost search ranks, supporting long-term online success.

Competitive Edge

Website Technical SEO Audit Service gives UK SEO experts a competitive advantage. It ensures that websites surpass competitors in online exposure by fine-tuning technical features such as page speed and mobile friendliness. This planned optimisation leads to higher search rankings, which distinguishes organisations in the extremely competitive digital world.

Error Identification

The Website Technical SEO Audit Service is critical for an SEO specialists in identifying errors. It discovers faults such as broken links or redirects by scrutinising technological aspects. Addressing these mistakes guarantees a consistent user experience, which improves search rankings and contributes to overall website health in a competitive online environment.

Mobile Optimization

Website Technical SEO Audit Service is critical for mobile optimisation professionals in the online business. It improves the overall user experience by assuring responsiveness and user-friendliness on mobile devices. This proactive optimisation not only improves search ranks, but it also aligns the website with changing user preferences in the ever-changing digital ecosystem.

Increase Security

Website Technical SEO Audit Service is critical for SEO professionals who want to improve security. It protects websites from potential threats by finding flaws and guaranteeing secure protocols such as HTTPS. This strategic improvement not only secures user data but also improves trust, search rankings, and general online success.

Structured Data Implementation

NAOA agency improves search engines’ understanding of page content by adding structured data. This deliberate optimisation results in rich snippets in search results, which give users additional context and improve click-through rates and SEO visibility.

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  • We have more than 15 years of working experience in the SEO industry.
  • As a Website Technical SEO Audit expert, we have worked with the world’s largest e-commerce, consumer, automobile, and news media brands in London as well as in other countries.
  • We have worked with very well known CMS like- WordPress, Shopify, Webflow, Wix, Headless CMS, and Magento.
  • Goal-focused strategies that are dedicated to generating a strong ROI
  • We create a transparent report.
  • Mostly, we do 1 hour Video consulting about this report.
  • After service, we maintain our relationship.
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